Scotty Bergstein

Scotty Bergstein has been directing TV shows and commercials professionally for 16 years.  But, realistically, he’s been directing since childhood when he put on subversive backyard productions that had the local parents fuming. 

Bergstein landed his first job as Ridley Scott’s assistant on the movie “Thelma and Louise”.  “It was my real education.” says Bergstein.  “I was able to watch the whole movie process, from early script development all the way through post production.”

After the film, Bergstein moved to Ridley’s commercial production house RSA-USA.  At first he apprenticed under two noted Production Designers, Norris Spencer (“Blade Runner”, “Thelma and Louise”) and Arthur Max (“Seven”, “Gladiator”, “The Martian”).  Bergstein worked on hundreds of commercials.  “I had an incredible opportunity to watch and learn while standing next to directors like Ridley & Tony Scott and David Fincher.”

Bergstein had become a Production Designer of some note.  “I was able to step in because these amazing directors already had some sort of comfort level with me.  I would stay up all night drawing and researching to make sure I would pull the jobs off.”

After taking a year off to run his family’s carnival business, “I actually dated the headless woman.” Bergstein came back to L.A. and put together a spec reel.  “I figured I had gone to the best directing school in the country.  On the strength of his Clio award winning spec work, Bergstein quickly became a much sought after commercial director. 

Bergstein has won numerous awards and been featured in numerous trade magazines for the ads that he’s directed for:  Sony Playstation (‘Boards  Featured Spot), (Clio Award, London Intl, Adweek Best Spot, Shoot Top Spot ), KFC (Shoot, Best Work You May Never See),  Goodyear (Shoot, featured spot), Cuervo, Verizon, Lays, McDonald’s, New Balance,  Adidas, Foot Locker, Motorola,  Reese’s, Edge Gel,  Heineken (Canada top spot),  ESPN,  AT&T, Xbox, Comedy Central, Heineken, Visa (Clio award, London Intl’ award) and the NBA, to name just a few.

With home bases in Los Angeles, Richmond, VA & London, Bergstein has directed all over the world including London, Prague, Moscow, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Vancouver, Toronto, and Capetown.

Bergstein brings his unique vision and compassion to all of his directing efforts.  He’s been lately lauded for his work and connection with children – singled out specifically for his work on the international Visa campaign for PayWave.