FIJI WATER "Tea Party"

I love working with kids.  It's all about the casting.  In this case, the concept was so pure, we had to find a little girl who was just as pure and honest with her intentions.  


Subtle innuendo, this isn't.  But it is a masterful bit of misdirection writing.  Banned in the US after just a few weeks on the air, it went on to become a viral hit.  

VISA "Magic"

This film kicked off Visa's PayWave function in Europe.  Originally we were going to shoot in Barcelona.  But we ended up at this brand new, beautiful mall in Kiev.  

Molson "Father Knows Best"

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that are the most fun.  We weren't going to shoot this version.  But we had some extra time.  You just never know.


Our generator broke on the night we were shooting this ad.  We ended up finishing the piece in the driveway of my house, plugged into house power.  There wasn’t much we could do, we were losing our shoot time on the boys very quickly.  Glad I lived nearby... and that my neighbors cooperated. 

Hoover "Talk Clean To Me"

I always find the little stories on shoot days very interesting.  In this ad, the lead guy was good friends with the lead girl’s very serious boyfriend.  Yet they were making out convincingly all day.  Good actors.  Good job if you can get it.

TMobile "Storytime"

This sweet story was shot for multiple countries in Europe.  We shot outside of Capetown for the right setting for the Grandparent's cottage.

Kings Hawaiian "Hustle"

Shooting on the field at Fenway?  Check that one off the bucket list.

Ameriquest "Mascara"

The dim sum restaurant was filled with real people at their real lunch time.  We fed them lunch.  I kept dropping huge buckets of silverware to get them to look up naturally.  We got kicked out after just an hour.  Still, we got the shot. 

MTS "Cities"

For those of you, like me, who don’t quite understand Russian and the Cyrilic alphabet, the concept of this spot is the game of “cities” that you played as a kid on long car rides.  You name a city.  Then the next person names a city that starts with the last letter of the city you just named.  The twist is that these kids actually decided to play the game by going to each city.  Hence showing the reach of the MTC network.  There’s some great work coming out of East Europe.

Lays "World Cup"

One of my favorite shoots of all time.  We had something like 1500 extras over the span of 3 days in Buenos Aires.  The stadium work was mapped out weeks ahead of time to make it all work.   The human “pyramid” was framed out in wood and chicken wire.

Airbnb "Kiss"

Shot in 10 cities around the US and Europe in just over 2 weeks, this little digital ad was one of the more wild adventures I've ever had.  About half the scenes were shot with pre-cast actors.  The other half were just shot on the street - talent release and cash in hand.

Spider "Evil Fish"

Another amazing shoot in Vancouver.  We built this entire bait shop in an abandoned barn at the water’s edge.  It was a cold few days.  Really cold.  But it made for some great performances.

Fox Soccer "Bus Stop"

This beautiful girl showed up for casting looking just like this.  We didn’t have to change a thing.  Sometimes it just works out that way.   On the other hand, the older guy took forever in wardrobe. 

Lay's "Red Square"

Red Square.  Red Friggin' Square!  We actually shut it down for 10 hours a week before Christmas for this amazing experience.  We then shot inserts on a stage with the largest translight I've ever made.  

Tenessee Lottery "EnCOWnter"

Getting the cow inside this beautiful convenience shop in rural Tennessee was a special kind of day.  The “Parnell” character was a real farmer that we found once we exhausted “traditional” casting in Nashville. 

Trojan "Lab"

This was one of those shoots where we all just came up with better and better ideas during the process and then shot them.  We never knew where the ideas would come from.  The craft service guy came up with a great one and we ran with it.

Lay's "Arshavin"

Andrey Arshavin is one of Russia's best soccer players.  We were shooting on the day that Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup.  He was elated and wanted to be partying with his mates.  But he stuck out the day.  And did some amazing, honest acting for an athlete. 

Reeses "Bully"

The younger boy in this spot was a child prodigy opera singer.  He sang between takes.  It was breathtaking.  Such a juxtaposition from the ad that we shot that day.

KFC "Expectant"

I shot this spot in CapeTown.  The cars weren't supposed to crash into each other.  But the stunt guys were a bit overzealous.  Don't you just love stunt guys.  There are cameos all over this spot from agency and production - Producers, Writers, The DoP, everyone.  If you look very closely, you might even see me.  

Comedy Central "Milk"

I love it when the jackass in the story loses. Don't we all? In this ad, you don't actually see him lose.  But you know it's coming.  

Bud Light "Lighting"

If you ever wanted the question answered.  Yes.  In fact.  It does work.